MERS Virus Tests Positive In Camel
According to a new report, camel has been tested positive for Sars-like virus. The Saudi health ministry said the owner of the camel has been diagnosed with MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) corona virus. Corona viruses basically cause respiratory infections in humans and animals.

A survey was conducted by scientists who declared that about 64 people have been already killed with this virus and more are on the extent of it. There is still a mystery that whether this virus has been passed from camels to humans or not.

Corona virus is an infectious disease, which is spread from one person to another by sneezing or coughs. But, experts are of the view that this virus is not very contagious as less number of infected cases has been reported till now. There have been about 153 confirmed cases of infection with MERS corona virus from past 14 months across the world.

The health ministry said they are trying their level best to isolate the virus from the country. They are also comparing the genetic structure of virus with that of the patients. They are doing so with the motive that to match the virus found in camel with of the patients.

Scientists said this would be the first scientific discovery in the whole world and also opens the door to find out the origin of virus.

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