2.4 MILLION Bees found dead ‘a mystery’ in Caidian District, China

Experts said the suspected pesticide poisoning

Last week, the caidian Wing Yu Yin and area, with a dozen beekeepers encounter trouble: Italian bees inside the hive swarms of death, dead bees everywhere on the road.

Yesterday morning, reporters in Caidian Yu Yin Zhen Yang Village, the two groups met outside the room beekeepers yellow soldiers arrayed hundreds of beehives, concrete floor next to the dead bee dense, weed also visible piles of dead bees . Huang Bing, he raised 130 boxes of Italian bees, four months after the canola flower to collect nectar Xiantao, before January return Yuxian, arrived in early June to prepare Dawu, take honey from the bars, only to depart yet Italian bees large number of deaths. About a week ago, there is sporadic Italian bees died Huangbing Gang started yet did not care, then more dead more Italian bees, now he had been dead for eighty percent of Italian bees.

Huang Bing surrounding beekeepers have encountered the same problem. Yang Village thirty-four mile away from the old Village Yonganzhen Caidian, Zhu Yuan beekeeping for more than ten years. 朱 玉安 said, each box there are about 28,000 Italian bees began to emerge from the week before dead bees, and has now lost Qi Cheng. He said, according to the loss of 20,000 per case basis, he lost up to 2.4 million Italian bees. “If we can arrive Dawu bullion flowers, 120 boxes of honey bees can collect 6000 pounds!” Zhu Yuan sad to say, his family lost several million.

According to statistics, around the damaged beekeepers reached 13, reaching more than 1,000 beehives box, all yearn to find out why beekeepers Italian bees dead.

Yesterday afternoon, the Bureau of Animal Husbandry Caidian technology promotion stations 周科长 interview with reporters, said that after receiving the reflected beekeepers, Huazhong Agricultural University has invited experts on-site investigation, experts believe that the suspected pesticide poisoning. He also said that if you want to find out the cause of death, to the dead bees to the Fujian Institute of Animal dissection laboratory.

Beekeepers say the recent few flowering plants and vegetables, wild flowers can not play pesticides, only a large area planted near cabbage flower, suspect with this. Caidian technology promotion stations 周科长 Animal Husbandry Bureau, said there are beekeepers believe that excessive pesticide cabbage flowers can be reflected to the District Agricultural Bureau.


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