Large number of dead birds found on Pismo Beach in California, America

Bird Alert

If you make a trip to Pismo Beach you may find more than just sand and seaweed on your walk.

Locals and tourists have been noticing a lot of dead sea birds lining the coast, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife warn they could be a hazard to your pets and children.

“I can take the dogs out to a spot were there are not as many dogs out or people. Or dead birds,” said beachgoer Laura Best.

Best and her daughter, Annabelle, went to Pismo Beach with their dogs on Thursday for a relaxing afternoon. Instead, they were surrounded by dead birds.

“I leave my dogs in the stroller until we get to a spot were I don’t see any vultures or dead birds,” said Best. “I just don’t want them eating them and carrying them around, and with bringing my little girl here, I am trying to keep them safe.”

The Carson family found the smell and sight of rotting birds to take away from their beach day experience.

“I mean there is hardly any trash so why should there be carcasses?” asked Anthony Carson. “They are not the cleanest creatures out there and just a dead rotting carcass floating around is unpleasant and the health risk is out there.”

To find out why all the dead birds are on the beach, KSBY went to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Turns out, it was news to them.

“We will collect some of the species and do a field necropsy and see if there is anything obvious,” said Warden Ryan Hanson. “If it’s blunt force trauma that is killing these birds then we might lean towards a boat hitting them or if they are intact then we will do some more research and figure out what is going on.”

While they figure out what exactly is killing all the birds they advise beachgoers to stay away.

“It’s a little less enjoyable because I have to constantly keep my eye on whatever she is picking up,” said Best. “I mean, she is not just picking up seaweed and crabs anymore, it might be a dead body part, and that’s kinda gross.”

At this point it is only speculation, but Hanson says it can be anything from fish bait attracting the birds to shore, the drought, or even ships hitting a flock of birds.

KSBY will continue to follow up with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and report on its investigation.


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