Landslide kills at least 5, 1 missing in Bandarban, Bangladesh

01.08.15 Bandarban, Bangladesh
Rescuers are trying to recover the dead bodies after a landslide took place at Lama Haspatal area in Lama upazila of Bandarban early Saturday. Photo: STAR
Body of one more victim was recovered this afternoon raising the Bandarban landslide death toll to five in Lama upazila and one other missing.
Earlier, one of the victims was thought to have died. However, authorities later said he was alive and attending treatments at a Chakoria hospital.
Earth from a hill, soaked in incessant rain, broke loose and fell upon five houses in Lama Hospital area around 1:30am early today, Khaled Mahmud, UNO of the upazila said.
Primarily four people from two families were found dead: Rozina Akhter, 30, Sazzad Hossain, 5, Md Sagor, 14, Amena Begum, 32, reports our Bandarban correspondent.
On of the victim Arafat was thought to have died but he was found alive after being taken to a hospital, the district official said. He was attending treatments at a hospital in Chittagong’s Chakoria.
The latest body was found after hours of frantic rescue carried out by local Fire Service and Civil Defence. However, still one eight-year-old Fatema Begum is missing.
In 2012, 35 people were killed in a landslide in the same area.
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