Hundreds of dead fish found washed up on a beach in Tenerife, Spain

The appearance of dead fish in the Nea startles El Rosario
Neighbors and users of the beach of La Nea, on the coast of Radazul, rose last Friday with the spectacle of hundreds of young fish stranded on the shore, a situation which at first caused some alarm among those present and self City of El Rosario, although it was not the first time such a thing happened.
In this sense, the local corporation immediately ordered up a report of what happened, make a performance cleaning service in the field of shore, developed by the staff of the company Urbaser, and analyze the water if it was a case of contamination.
The next day, Saturday, the possible source of contamination was ruled out completely as the result of the analyzes themselves, certifying the absence of a spill that could be the cause of the agglomeration of the dead fry on the shore.
These results are indicative added that all appeared fish were of the same species, which countersigned the diagnosis made because if not, appear dead fish from other families, according to sources confirmed the consistory itself.
As for why the fish appeared on the sand of the beach, the same sources said that “although the causes are not clear, it seems that it may be by the confluence of high tides to fish spawning , which makes the fry remain stranded at low tide because of the desorentación and that they look washed away. “
Another possible cause of the fry appeared on the bank could be discarded by a fishing boat near the coast and the current take them to the beach by the stream itself, sources of the City of El Rosario consulted.
In any case, it is possible that the result is the product of water pollution.
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