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Jamaican Sprinter Has Zika Virus

Zika Virus Alert

Jamaican sprinter Kemar Bailey-Cole says he has been infected with the Zika virus but will participate in his country’s Olympic trials next week.
The Jamaican Gleaner reported Saturday that the 24-year-old track star says he has rashes and eye pain but is not afflicted by the muscle pain often associated with the virus, which he caught in Jamaica.
Bailey-Cole won a gold medal in the 100-meter relay at the London Olympics in 2012.
His case comes amid rising concern among athletes over a surge in Zika infections in Brazil, where Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympics in August. Irish golfer Rory McIlroy, U.S. cyclist Tejay van Garderen and British long jumper Greg Rutherford have dropped out of the games citing Zika worries.
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Boat capsizes killing 3; 4 critical off Catalina Island, USA

Three people were killed and four others were injured, one critically, when their 15-foot boat capsized Saturday on the “backside” of Catalina Island, authorities said.
Firefighters and paramedics were dispatched to the location at 9:32 a.m., according to a county fire department dispatcher.
A witness reported that a 15-foot skiff with seven people on board had overturned near Salta Verde Point on the backside of the island, according to Sondra-Kay Kneen of the U.S. Coast Guard. Waves in the area were reported to be between four and six feet.
A good Samaritan rescued two boaters from the water and reported seeing another boater on the rocks. A Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued the person from the rocks, Kneen said.
Baywatch Isthmus and Baywatch Avalon recovered three bodies from the water, and a Catalina Island Conservancy officer located the seventh person on the beach, she said.
The Coast Guard transported one person to Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics took the other three people to area hospitals, Kneen said.
One of the survivors was listed in critical condition, according to Los Angeles County lifeguards.
Sheriff’s homicide detectives were investigating the case, according to Deputy Grace Medrano of the Sheriff’s Information Bureau.
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Earthquake Swarm


***BE ALERT***

Global view



***BE ALERT***

Magnetogram 25.06.16  22.48 hrs UTC

48 dead turtles found on beaches in Sinaloa, Mexico

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) attended and investigates possible causes of death of 48 sea turtles, of which 45 belong to the species of turtle brown or black (Chelonia agassizzi), and three of the Olive Ridley species (Lepydochelys olivacea) on the beaches of the municipality of Escuinapa, Sinaloa. After several journeys made last week, along more than 40 kilometers of coastline of the southern beaches of the municipality of Escuinapa, 48 were found stranded dead specimens of sea turtles in an advanced state of decomposition. In attention to beaching he had the support of marine turtle specialists UNAM, ONCA Explorations and biologists Camp Tortuguero: Integrally Planned Center Playa Spirit of FONATUR.
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Major crisis as 45,000 cattle have died this year due to drought in Tabasco, Mexico

Livestock Alert

The herd of Tabasco is undergoing one of its worst crises in recent years, severe drought and heat are killing animals.
‘If you do not have livestock water is consumed, is spent their energies, their body fat and muscle, there are animals that lose up to 35 or 40% of their body weight. 2%, 2.5% of the animals in food deteriorating conditions should fail, “said Baltazar Sánchez Fuentes, secretary of the Livestock Union in Tabasco.
The lack of rain during the month of May and June so far has meant that 12 of the 17 municipalities of the entity reporting a severe drought.
So far this year have died from lack of food and water about 45 thousand cattle.
‘Being lacking energy and vitamins, especially in nutrients, causes a decrease in the immune system and animals are expensos any bacterial and viral disease, “said Baltazar Sánchez Fuentes, secretary of the Livestock Union in Tabasco.
By the lack of rain the grass is dry, the cattle lose weight and die.
Another factor affecting cattle are high temperatures, and die when consuming hot water.
‘Sometimes get diarrhea, sometimes urinate blood, is because they drink hot water, “said Felipe Arias, farmer.
Livestock diseases have caused 10 municipalities lose the status of export to the United States.
‘You must meet appropriate health status in this case would be the A, there is a high prevalence of tuberculosis and brucella. What is all we have the right Chontalpa status A for export to the US and the rest of the state are in B status does not allow us, “said Baltazar Sánchez Fuentes.
Tabasco was one of the leading producers of beef and milk in the country. Currently there are only one million 878 thousand head of cattle and about 48 000 farmers.
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TONS of fish found dead in the waters of Nalgonda, India

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of fish were found dead and floating on the water on Saturday morning in Pedda Cheruvu of Bhudan Pochampally in the district.
Fishermen labor association president Ramesh said the fish started dying from Friday night and washed ashore by Saturday morning. About 10 tonnes of fish worth Rs 4 lakh died.
Blaming the factories in and around Choutuppal for the tragic incident, he alleged that these factories will release chemical wastages into Musi rivulet through tankers in the midnight.
Ramesh demanded the officials to send the water samples to laboratory tests to know the exact reason. Bhoodan Pochampally tahsildar Komaraiah visited the spot and examined the perished fish.
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Dozens of crocodiles and hundreds of fish dying every day due to drought in Pilcomayo river, Paraguay

Drought Emergency Alert_2

Dozens of crocodiles and fish die daily due to the drought of the Pilcomayo River, in Paraguay. The image of the animals trapped in the mud moves residents who can do nothing in the absence of water. The truth is that the lack of water in the river not be solved by opening the runway, but until there is a new Flash flood between the months of November and December, as Oscar Salazar, President of the National Commission of the Pilcomayo River was.
For his part, Víctor Benítez, of the NGO-technicians, warned that “we are at the gates of an ecological disaster” the situation which cross the species before the drought.
Several animals suffer as a result of the lack of the vital liquid. While many of them died, others are still struggling to survive. The hardest hit: the fish, the alligators and crocodiles.
The drought will worsen
The Minister of the Ministry of environment (Seam) of Paraguay, Rolando de Barros, said the problem of the Pilcomayo River drought “will worsen”. Hundreds of animals are losing their lives due to lack of water in the area. “The drought is only beginning, this problem will worsen,” he said of Barros. He argued that it is a “cyclical theme that occurs every year”.
He explained that the Pilcomayo brings amount of sediment. “Never brings a fixed runway, then you have to do corrective work”, so that water can enter Paraguay.
Recently a video that was viralizado showed that caimans, Capybaras, and fish are dying as a result of the drought. The owner of the Seam said that “every year it is estimated a percentage of mortality of wild animals”.
Also, the environmental portfolio announced that it will make a mapping to identify major foci of mortality of wildlife, especially those mentioned above who have more difficulties to move.
In this regard, he added that the Ministry of works made available to machinery and trucks to make “temporary places” to those animals to find a technical solution. “For us the most important is to preserve species”, he said.
Barros also admitted that “on the basis of what didn’t we are suffering even more” since the National Commission of the Pilcomayo did the corresponding works to clear channels in a way that enter the waters, among other works.
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40 TONS of fish ‘suddenly die’ in a fish farm in Hau Giang, Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

This morning (24.6), family Le Thanh Cuong, (Hamlet Unified Cay Duong town, Phung Hiep District, Hau Giang) assistant fire when detected Lat fish stew nearly 40 tons of floating beads unusual and quite dead much below the bottom of the pond.
Mr Cuong said: Previously, (23.6 days), to drop rates beaded Lat fish pond, he sold the pharmacy specializing in aquaculture feed Nga Bay town enema buy rate for fish, are the staff sales for brand-name drug for use ANVI IVERMAX. But after using it on the morning of 24.6 fish kills occur.
“That Lat fish pond was stocked nearly 8 months, achieve healthy fish weighing 600 grams / child, be prepared for sale. With the current price of 50,000 VND / kg, the fish pond estimated to be worth nearly 2 billion. Status extremely unusual mortalities no signs of stopping as penniless family “- sighed Cuong.
The time the job was local industry functions in order to clarify the cause of the dead fish.
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