Thousands of dead fish appear ‘due to winter ice’ in a lake in Sivas, Turkey

Sivas Hafik district of Lake ice to melt the frozen surface in winter with the start of the Olympic and thousands of dead fish appeared.
Lake ice surface in Sivas Hafik occupied by staying without oxygen who fishes, with the melting of the ice began to emerge.
Turkey from the wetlands of international importance, 135 H on the surface of the Lake during the winter months, consisting of about 40 centimeters of ice sheet started to melt, weather heats up.
While high winds in the region effectively, the ice masses and hit the shore of dead fish.
Indiana Lake fish deaths primarily because of H in the district, and the Mayor’s Office had made some studies. The Lake, located in Provincial Directorate for food, agriculture and livestock fisheries and Aquaculture Branch teams, fish, surface coated with ice on the Lake for their dead without oxygen.
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