Record cold in Essen, Germany

Record Cold Alert
Snow is falling on many parts of the country on Saturday. The police report many accidents on slippery roads. The Leipzig train station was blocked.
The winter is back. The German Weather Service (DWD) warns against frost, storms and light snowfall for much of the country. The DWD expects it to snow in the Ruhr area, Sauerland and the Lower Rhine into the evening hours. Roads can be smooth through the snow and freezing wet.
Unpleasant it looks outside especially because of the perceived temperatures. “They are at -15 to -20 degrees,” said a spokesman for the DWD. The weather service warns of strong to stormy gusts between wind force 7 and 8. Occasionally it can also lead to snowdrifts.
Smooth roads have caused twelve accidents in the Bielefeld city ​​area during the night of Saturday. A man was seriously injured, according to police, when his car overturned and landed in the ditch. Another vehicle skidded and collided with a traffic light mast. The driver was also injured. In the remaining ten accidents was only sheet metal damage. In the area of ​​responsibility of the Bielefeld police, three more slippery accidents on the Autobahn 2 also occurred.
On the L540 near Winterberg , a 39-year-old woman lost control of her car on Friday night. On the sloping and smooth road, the driver from Medebach had strayed off the lane in a right-hand bend and overturned by car. She was rescued from the vehicle by the fire brigade and taken to a hospital.
Too much snow: Bahn blocks Leipzig Central Station
The heavy snowfall has completely paralyzed train traffic at Leipzig main station on Saturday. The blocking of the station concerns both the distance, as well as the local traffic, informed the German course in the morning. The long-distance traffic will be diverted. Due to the cold, the points are frozen in front of the station without point heating.
Since 3 o’clock on Saturday morning clearing commands were in use, the snowdrifts removed. In addition, the switches would be repaired. “As long as it does not stop snowing, the work is a bottomless pit,” said a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn. The DB tries to provide substitute buses, but can not guarantee that they arrive in Leipzig, as the situation on the roads was previously unclear.
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