10 TONS of fish die in Toho Lake, Benin, Africa

Fish Kill Alert
34 years, Olivier Zaga farmer attended, Saturday, May 19, 10 tonnes of fish died that he was raising in 28 enclosure installed on the edge of Lake Toho, which extends over 21 km2 in southwestern Benin. “I’m devastated,” says this former electronics, bewildered air and hoarse voice. As for him, fishing is the main activity of the inhabitants of the Department of Mono.
On May 17, the population living on the banks of the Lake had alerted on the mysterious death of several species of fish, until the phenomenon spreads to the village of Kpinnou and decimating the breeding of tilapias of Olivier Zaga, one farmer victim of This massacre. ” Out of my pen, where 40 000 fish died, I cannot evaluate the loss in the Lake”, he said.
The drama of Lake Toho made fear, among the Beninese General, intoxication of the Xwla and peoples Xweda, which organized, from 18 to 20 may, their annual Festival of reunion in Grand-Popo, 60 km from the Lake, with a lot of “dakouin”, a specialty local fresh fish. But so far, no case of death or illness associated with poisoning were reported.
Courtesy of lemonde.fr

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