Large die off of fish found in the Nechi River, Colombia

Fish Kill Alert
When inhabitants of Nechí and El Bagre made a tour, on May 14, along the Nechí River, as part of an environmental assessment conducted by the Popular Training Institute, IPC, they encountered a sad scene: a large number of fish Dead people floated in the water , with an unpleasant appearance and foul odors. The events were recorded at the height of the villages of Sabalito and El Guamo.
Juan Esteban Jaramillo, researcher of the IPC Observatory, indicated that according to the complaints of the inhabitants, this is due to the damage of a jarillón (a kind of wall of land parallel to the river) of a mining entity that carries out work there, which caused Polluting elements will disperse downstream of the river.
Said entity is Mineros SA, which, through a statement stated that “due to the intense rainy season in recent days, added to the contingency of the Hidroituango project that has increased up to six times the flow of the Cauca River, presented on Monday, May 14, the breaking of a jarillon that surrounds the mining operations of the company in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Nechí. This breakage caused the waters from the Cauca River, laden with mud and sediments, to join those of the Nechí River and exceed the protection strip of the Mineros’ closed pool by more than 1.5 meters, making the combination of These materials will reach San Pedro Creek. “
Regarding the dead fish, the company indicated that “they started with fish technicians to make a diagnosis in the area and establish a plan of action to deal with this situation. In the same way, staff from the Corporate Social Responsibility area provides permanent support to the affected communities to listen and meet their needs “
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