TONS of fish dying in fish farms in Kon Tum, Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert
Mass mortality occurred in the villages of Dak Binh and Dak Loi villages, Dak Ngoc commune (Dak Ha district). Through initial tallying, 8 fish farmers have been identified that have large scale and damage. According to the report 44 / BC-PNN of Dak Ha district People’s Committee on the phenomenon of aquatic products died in the district said that the situation of dead fishery occurred around April 20 to date in the area. in Dak Ha town and Dak Ngoc commune.
The prevalence of dead fish is 7170 kg, including species such as tilapia 5940kg, size 0.3kg / child; perch; Seabass seedlings 230kg. The initial cause was due to erratic weather. In particular, at the time of the season, hot sun and long-lasting floods are detrimental to growth and reduce the ability of fish to resist and develop disease.
After many years of doing aquaculture, this is the first time that the household of Mr. Hoang Danh Chuyen (group of people in town 5, Dak Ha town, Dak Ha district) encountered the fish died so much. Although many water treatment methods have been implemented, such as garlic, antibiotics, etc., fish are eaten, but the mortality remains unchanged. According to Mr. Chuyen, on average, the number of dead fish is about 2 – 2,5 quintals, mainly tilapia. Estimated initial damage about 200 million.
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