Mystery mass whale deaths hit record high along the coast of Scotland

28.08.18 Dead Whales In Scotland

A record number of beaked whales washed up on Irish shores this month in a mystery mass whale death event that saw bodies strewn as far away as Iceland and Scotland.

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group reports that at least 16 Cuvier beaked whales were found on western coastlines between August 3 and August 22.

Over the same period at least 13 of the whales washed ashore in Scotland, while two were found in Iceland.

Five whales washed up in just one week earlier this month.

IWDG Strandings Officer Mick O’Connell noted in a statement that “nothing on this scale has been recorded for this species in Ireland before”.

Research suggests that only a small number of dead animals actually wash ashore, so the death toll may be “significantly higher”, according to O’Connell.

The cause of death is still unknown as the animals were all found in very poor condition.

But they seem to have all died at around the same time.

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