Thousands of dead fish found floating in a river in Kirkagac, Turkey

Fish Kill Alert

Balikesirin the South of the mountains and of Manipurthrough the districts of İzmir, Dikili district of Chai district East of the Bakırçay River spilled into the sea, a branch of Kate in the tea fish deaths began to occur. Thousands of fish washed up on the last section of Kırkağaç tea. Fish deaths in the region by the villagers were viewed with mobile phones. Manipur Provincial Directorate of environment, planning teams, Katana causes the fish deaths worry of as can be seen from various points for review today would get water and dead fish samples were reported.

Kashyap the village headman (Muhtar) İdris Kat, “thousands of carp and other Blogs in the Eel River Kaster perished. With acidic waste water dropped to tea olive waste water we think of fish waste. In recent years, again we had these images. So sorry this happened. We don’t think this is done consciously, but our citizens expect to be more sensitive, “he said.

Kashi District of Emanuel is a solution to recent fish tea death willingly, “we don’t want to go to out for fishing Anymore. As in the old days, our neighborhood, our biggest craving this tea fishing, “he said.

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