30,000 birds killed due to bird flu in Tuaran district, Malaysia

Bird Flu

The Sabah Veterinary Services Department is monitoring several locations within a 10 kilometre radius from where the bird flu outbreak occurred in Tuaran district recently.

Its Bird Flu operations director Dr Suhaili Lusin said so far no new cases have been detected, and operations at all affected locations have been completed.

“The culling of poultry has been completed in Kampung Laya-Laya and Tenghilan. There are no new cases.

“After this, activities will be focused on passive monitoring within a 10km radius,” he said when contacted by NSTP today.

Earlier this month, two new locations at Kampung Laya-Laya and Kampung Ladang Estate Tenghilan were found to have new cases of the Avian Influenza virus, involving the poultry of villagers.

Last month, cases were first traced to a positive sample from a chicken farm in Kampung Kauluan, Tuaran. Sabah Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Junz Wong declared the district as an outbreak area for bird flu on Aug 3.

It forced authorities to cull about 30,000 chickens from that farm and another farm nearby.

The department’s personnel also conducted the same operation at several villages around Kampung Kauluan as well as control the movement from ground zero to ensure no poultry was brought out from the outbreak area.

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