33.48 TONS of dead fish wash up, due to red tide in Pinellas County, Florida, USA

Fish Kill Alert

Red tide is officially impacting Pinellas County. Crews have picked up a total of 33.48 tons of dead fish and hauled them off to the county dump.

Tests conducted Monday show the highest levels of the toxic algae bloom near John’s Pass and Madeira Beach. Low levels were also found near the Bellair Boat Ramp and Sand Key near Clearwater Pass.

On Monday, less than a dozen people lounged on chairs on the beach directly across from John’s Pass as county crews and contractors hired by Pinellas County worked to clear the sand on land and in the water.

Crews tell us ABC Action News they’ve scooped up hundreds of thousands of dead fish.

Alex King with Lil Mo’s Marine Cleanup says his crew of more than 30 people is working to be proactive. The team, which is based out of Southwest Florida, is using several vessels to net the fish before they wash onto shore. The boats have a built-in skimming device that helps rake in fish floating on the surface of the ocean.

“We’re trying to stop them before they wash onto the beach or into people’s docks. Pinellas County’s approach is different from any red tide cleanup in history because it is much more proactive,” King explained.

That’s uplifting for Pinellas County businesses near the beach, including those in John’s Pass.

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