200,000 fish die in Lake Guija, El Salvador

Fish Kill Alert

Farmers of tilapia from Lake Güija in Metapán, Santa Ana, say they have suffered heavy losses after the death of thousands of fish since Monday morning, specifically in front of the Playa de Belén.

There are more than 200 thousand tilapias that have died, which had about three and a half months of being cultivated, even some were already being commercialized. However, they began to die without the farmers finding an explanation, as they did not observe any phenomenon inside the water mirror, they say.

“There are 25 cages that we had inside the water; each one contained around 8 thousand fry that were being produced for months and a half; but since Sunday night we began to see that there were some dead fish, and on Monday morning the great slaughter of fish in all the cages dawned, and we do not know the reasons because there had never been such a situation in this area ” , said Miguel Castro, who was collecting the last dead fish.

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