Hundreds of dead birds found after Cyclone in Berhampur, India

15.10.18 Dead Birds In India

Cyclone Titli not only affected humans in its passage through the state. It hit birds in a very big way, too.

With normalcy returning, the horror it has left behind is beginning to reveal itself every day. Hundreds of carcasses of birds were found near Jagannathpur Railway Station on the outskirts of Berhampur town.

Locals first saw the carcasses of open-billed storks and those of some other species lying scattered on the ground. They immediately informed the forest department. As the news spread, people from Narendrapur, Badakushasthali and nearby villages thronged the site to see for themselves signs of nature’s fury.

By the time forest department officials reached the spot, some birds had already been fed on by dogs and other animals. However, some were still alive. Forest department officials made arrangements for the treatment of the injured birds.

According to the forest officials, these bird species are indigenous to Chilika area. They generally come flying to farmlands of Jagannathpur, Narendrapur and Badakushashthali in search of food. So was it that they flew to these villages the day before the cyclone struck and was caught in its fury. Though they took shelter on trees, they might have died as the trees got uprooted or broke down.

Meanwhile, many stray cattle have lost their lives while many are left wandering homeless after being hit by the cyclonic storm. Many social organisations have come forward to provide treatment to the stray cattle.

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