Massive die off of fish in fish farms in Sisaket Province, Thailand

Fish Kill Alert

On (25 Nov 61), reporters reported that Srisaket Province Farmers who occupy fish in cages In the reservoir of Rasi Salai Dam At Ban Nong Khae, Nong Khae Sub-district, Rasi Salai District, Sisaket Province This morning had to suffer a lot of fate when it was discovered that the tilapia that they had fed in the fish cage had been dead.

While the size of the body is going to be sold at a price of 8 baht per person by appointing a fish merchant to come and take it for sale in the queue for the second day of the day. More than 3 hundred thousand cages, including damages of over 2 million baht and expected to be due to hot weather Changed to a cold air quickly Therefore hope that the fish that died because of the disease were not Should be sold to merchants to make fermented fish But now still waiting Have not received any answers from the merchant.

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