Thousands of dead fish floating near Lake Houston, Texas, USA

Fish Kill Alert

Texas Parks and Wildlife tells ABC13 the stench is due to what’s called a “kill,” and it happens naturally. Nothing is wrong with the water.

Thousands of the fish have popped up, floating from Lake Houston down tributaries.

“It’s like the entire top of the water was lined with fish,” said neighbor Jacob Duane, who reached out to Eyewitness News to help him find out what was going on.

The fish, which are called Shad, are all the same species. Texas Parks and Wildlife says fish can die when there’s low oxygen in the water due to the combination of warm air and warm water.

This year, spokesperson Heather Biggs says there have been 25 to 30 kills reported at 17 different locations in our region. But this is also the first year they have seen so many kills, which usually occur in stagnant water.

“There hasn’t been that much frustration, as much as sort of confusion and people just wondering what’s going on,” Duane said.

Texas Parks and Wildlife says if different kinds of fish were found dead, it could be a chemical issue and they’d investigate further.

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