Thousands of dead fish wash up in the Yamuna River in India

Fish Kill Alert

After thousands of fish were found dead in the Yamuna, in Mathura and Vrindavan on Friday and Saturday, devotees and pilgrims blamed official agencies for failing to keep the river clean.

Hundreds of thousands of devotees visit Mathura on Diwali, for the special puja of Goverdhan and Yamuna, the latter said to be sister of Yamraj, the Hindu god of death.

“As I entered the water for a holy dip, I was put off by the stink of rotting fish all around,” said Pradeep Bhai, a pilgrim from Gujarat.

An Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board official in Mathura said that untreated waste water and industrial effluents had been discharged upstream, resulting in fish dying of oxygen depletion.

Activists blamed the Okhla Barrage authorities for releasing untreated water without a warning in advance.

In Vrindavan, thousands of fish were seen floating in the river.

“The whole area around Keshi Ghat, visited by thousands of pilgrims daily, is stinking and no one has come to clean up the area,” complained Jagan Nath Poddar, convener of the Friends of Vrindavan group.

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