4 dead turtles found on beaches in Ubatuba, Brazil

08.01.19 dead turtles in brazil

Turtle lying dead on the Red beach of the Center in Ubatuba this Sunday (6) – Play / Facebook

During the extended holiday of New Year, the Argonauta Institute found four dead turtles in Ubatuba. In addition, two others were rescued with injuries and sent to treatment at the Tamar Project.

According to the Argonauta Institute, the animals were found between the 2nd and 6th of January. Among the dead, three were of the species Green Turtles and one of the species Turtle-headed. They were found on Ubatumirim beaches (day 2), Prumirim Island (day 4), Itaipu (day 5) and Red Center (day 6).

The sea turtles rescued with injuries, but alive, were found in Praia Grande (day 3) and Iperoig beach (day 5). The two were referred for treatment at the Ubatuba Tamar Project.

Some of the bodies of the dead turtles were in an advanced state of decomposition, it being impossible to identify the reason for death. The possible bodies to be evaluated were for necropsy at the Center for Marine Animal Rehabilitation and De-treatment of the Argonauta Institute, in Ubatuba.

None of them had the cause of death evident or conclusive. Materials were collected and sent for analysis. According to biologist and coordinator of the Institute, Carla Beatriz Barbosa, even without any apparent reason for death, garbage on the beaches and discarded in the sea is the main villain of the turtles.

“Unfortunately, the increase in litter, interaction with fishing and the increase in the traffic of vessels are factors that greatly harm these animals, thus leading many to death,” says Carla. Also according to the coordinator, in 3 years were found more than 6 thousand dead turtles on the beaches of the North Coast.

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