Hundreds of dead fish washing up along a stream in Carapegua, Paraguay

Fish Kill Alert

The denounce of massive fish and fingerling deaths was filed by Prof. Lorenzo Miranda , who regretted that once more fish are dying in the Caañabé stream , presumably due to the unconsciousness of the owners of a distillery located in the city of Sapucái.

He asked that those who contaminate the streams be investigated and punished, because several people draw fish from the stream for the daily food of their families.

Also, Councilman Alberto Virgilli and municipal councilor Margarita Miró went to the place and agreed that they are going to inform the Municipal Board about the death of fish.

In addition, there were agents of Criminalistics of the Police Directorate of Paraguarí, who took samples of water in a jar, made photographs and videos that were later turned over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, under the prosecutor Darío Villagra .

The Caañabé stream is located in the buffer zone of the Ypoá lake wetlands and its contamination represents a great risk for the natural reserve that our country has, so its preservation is everyone’s responsibility and warrants a thorough investigation of the case to identify those who break the law, explained Councilor Miró.

The head of the Directorate of Supervision of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (Mades), Julio Marecos , said that just this morning they had knowledge of what is happening in the stream Caañabé and that they will communicate it to their superiors to know what determination They will assume about it.

In September 2012, the Municipal Board and the Intendancy of Carapeguá, due to the massive fish mortality, had declared an environmental emergency for 90 days, but it was not fully investigated who were the culprits.

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