About 100 TONS of #fish #die in the #Castanhão #dam in #Ceará, #Brazil

Fish Kill Alert

About 100 tons of dead fish were taken from the Castanhão reservoir on Saturday morning in Jaguaribara, Ceará. Since last Thursday (7), fish are seen on the spot.

According to the city hall, the producers of the regions of Curupati, Jaburu and near the office of the National Department of Works Against Droughts (Dnocs), lost all tilapia production.

The causes of the deaths are being investigated, but the main suspect is that they were caused by the oxygen decrease in the water from the dam, which currently accounts for less than 4% of its capacity.

Throughout Saturday, using tractors and buckets, city officials worked to remove fish from the water to prevent contamination.

In a statement, the city council said that through the Departments of Aquaculture and Fisheries and Infrastructure will provide all necessary support to fish farmers in the region.

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