20 #dolphins found #dead on the coast of #Mejillones, #Chile

Horrible: Investigation of the death of 20 dolphins in Mejillones for alleged bad fishing practices

A few weeks ago we delivered the sad news about the dolphin that had been found dead on the shore of the Juan López spa in Antofagasta, allegedly the product of fishing with dynamite.

It was the Marine Fauna and Whale Watching Center (Cifamac) of Mejillones that explained that this practice “is an open secret in the spa Juan Lopez, they use it to fish golden, provoking an intense explosion in the seabed, which not only kills the fish, but all the fauna of the marine ecosystem like this poor dolphin. “

Unfortunately, after the agency asked the authorities to investigate the case and “put an end to this type of prohibited fishing at the national and international level”, now Cifamac was forced to formally denounce a horrible situation.

The center accused the finding of about 20 dead dolphins on the coast of Mejillones and the Antofagasta region. Only in recent weeks, Cifamac reported the death of at least three individuals, some stranded, injured, suffocated or with an empty stomach.

Courtesy of playfm.cl


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