‘Hasn’t #snowed like this in #May for 70 years’ in #Italy

Photo By Antonio Iannella

Cold waves in May, with winter characteristics, are not certain unusual, but we must say that most of them, documented at least 6/7, came in the 50/90 years. There are no traces of other cold waves of this entity in the last 30 years. Some late frosts in May there was also a few years ago for the Apennines, but it was manifested in large part with thermal drop and some night-morning frost due to the serenity of the sky, little associated cyclonic activity and also non-striking snow effects. The cold break in progress during these hours and which sees the highlight on the North Apennines, has few precedents in recent weather history and, moreover, is associated with a depression system of significant intensity and vorticity with bad weather, even intense, although circumscribed.

In the morning of today the winter cyclone has raged with rains and showers on many areas of the Po Valley, from Southeast Piedmont, Central South Lombardy, on most of Veneto, even on Liguria, Emilia Romagna, gradually spreading to Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, already with snow in the hills locally on the Ligurian hills. But from late morning and central hours a strong winter bad weather has struck in particular on Emilia Romagna with often heavy rains, especially on central northern areas, and very consistent hilly snowfall.

In the accompanying photo, the situation in the late afternoons at Prignano sulla Secchia, at 557 m above sea level, on the Modena pre-Apennines, around 20 cm and with a heavy snowfall in a purely winter atmosphere. The snow with accumulations has even reached 3/400 m and wet flakes even at 150 m on the Emilia and Romagna foothills. Hilly snow also on the Apennines and up to 50 and cm over 900/1000 m. Truly exceptional event with few precedents in the weather history of the last 60/70 years. In the coming night hours and in the course of tomorrow, the cold front will progressively move towards the Center and the South, bringing showers above all on the Apennine and Adriatic areas, also here with snow, but at a little higher altitudes, on average over 1000 / 1100 m on the Appennino Center, due to a gradual weakening of the cold food from the North. Rains and showers scattered in the South, more intense between Campania, locally Tyrrhenian Calabria and Puglia. Falling temperatures in the Center South.

Courtesy of meteoweb.eu


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