109 dead #turtles wash up on #BonfilBeach in #Mexico

Turisteros account for 109 dead turtles in a week at Bonfil beach

Photo: Patricia Rumbo

They count 109 dead turtles, in the Bonfil beach, providers of tourist services and inhabitants of the colony, in the week of the 1 to the 7 of April.

Restauranteros, street vendors, masseurs and villagers, declared that they add around 109 olive ridley turtles and prietas that leave to die to the beaches of the area, in front of the businesses.

Gathered together with tourists, before the stranding of the marine turtle without life, this Saturday afternoon, they denounced anonymously that to the human predators that walk at night, there are perhaps cold water currents and pollution, against the chelonians in danger of extinction, since there is no institutional version of what happens.

Ryan Warnes tourist from London England, told the turtle out of the water shortly before 12 o’clock, with crystal still eyes, so he and his family felt he could return to the sea and survive, but the waves dragged the body again to deposit it two meters outside.

The tourist considered, “something inside the sea is poisoning them, the toxins, the plastic, the pollution because it is not far from here the plastic island, we read some Guerrero news of dead turtles, but they do not say the cause, it can also be that the hotels and condominiums empty their waters “.

He said that the species returns to die, to the place where it was born, because there are two turtle camps nearby that work against extinction.

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