Hundreds of dead #fish found in a port in #Fribourg, #Switzerland

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of fish died of asphyxiation in the covered port of Sugiez (Fribourg). The reason for their gathering in this port is for the time being a mystery. Different pumps were mobilized on Wednesday to reoxygenate the water quickly.

The covered port of Sugiez (FR), on the shores of Lake Murten, faces a very high concentration of fish. Mysterious, the phenomenon resulted in the death of hundreds of individuals due to lack of oxygen. Urgent measures are under way.

“The reasons for the massive presence of fish in this port are not known at the moment,” said the State of Fribourg on Wednesday, via the forest and nature Department. For several days, dead fish have been spotted on the surface of the Broye Canal in the vicinity of the covered port of Sugiez.

On Monday, the wildlife guard of the area found and harvested 427 fish, representing about 50 kilos, without finding the source of the problem. Fish were immediately sent to the Centre for fish and wildlife medicine (FIWI) in Bern to determine the cause of mortality.

The source of the problem could be identified on Tuesday night only, says the communiqué. This is the grouping in the covered port of Sugiez of hundreds of thousands of fish (bream, rotengles, Roach, ablettes, Pike). It is not known why they came to massage there.

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