Hundreds of dead #fish found in #ShaheRiver in #Changqing District, #China

Fish Kill Alert

On the morning of the 27th, in the west section of the bridge of the Shahe Fengshan Road in Peking University, Changqing District, dead fish floated on the water surface. This problem occurred in the water bank of about 2000 meters, and the air emitted a pungent smell. Residents nearby said that this phenomenon has lasted for two or three days.

After the north Dasha River passes through the Fengshan Road Bridge to the west, it forms a water bay with dozens of football fields. On the morning of the 27th, several nearby residents gathered in the bay. “I heard that a lot of fish died here, and I came here to see the situation.” The reporter of the New Times went to the south bank along the bay from the north bank, and a lot of dead floated along the waterfront of the river bank. Fish and some rubbish, showing a white river line, nearly 2000 meters in length, the air is filled with pungent smell.

The 22-year-old Xiaoye is a villager near Yezhuang. He said that most of the dead fish are squid, most of them are four or five centimeters long, and many of them are more than 20 centimeters long. “Look at the shape of the fish, many of them are just spring.” “The most dead fish on the south bank, the floating water surface is more than 1 meter wide. Through the reeds, the reporter found that many waterfowl wild ducks stood in front of the dead fish, but there was no sign of eating. “There are some dead fish on the ground, which should be dragged by the mouse.” Xiaoye said that no bird bodies such as waterfowl were found along the way. Obviously these fish should not be poisonous, that is, no one should be poisoned in the water. fish.

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