Hundreds of dead #fish found in waters near a lake in #Victoria, #Australia

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of fish have died near an internationally-recognised lake in eastern Victoria.

Regulators and water managers have blamed “natural causes” such as salinity for the death of adult carp in the main drain of Lake Wellington near Sale.

Advocates for the Gippsland Lakes said the mass fish deaths were just another indicator of long-term mismanagement of the waterways, while a scientist said the impact of the drought was to blame for the decline in water quality.

Phil Ronalds, who lives near Lake Wellington, a Ramsar-listed wetland, raised the alarm about the dead fish earlier this week.

He said diverting water from rivers for the nearby Macalister Irrigation District, and to supply Melbourne with drinking water, was part of the problem.

He said this fresh water kept the saline water at bay at Lake Wellington and across the extensive Gippsland Lakes network.

The Gippsland Lakes is a series of lagoons fed by seven rivers flowing down from Victoria’s high country, towards the coastal town Lakes Entrance.

Much of the saline water that causes problems in the lake system is from the entrance being opened permanently to accommodate industry in the port.

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