605+ TONS of #fish die in #TaalLake, #Philippines

Fish Kill Alert

Over 605 metric tons of tilapia have died after being hit by a fish kill in Taal Lake, in what the Department of Environment and Natural Resources dubbed as the worst crisis faced by the fishcage industry.

At a farmgate price of P71 per kilo of tilapia, potential income loss is estimated at P42.9 million.

DENR Regional Executive Director Atty. Maria Paz Luna said there were 121 affected fish cages in Barangay Buso Buso and Gulod in Laurel and Barangay Banaga in neighboring Agoncillo town.

The department, however, said the latest phenomenon is not expected to affect supply and prices.

“The public is advised that this merely comprises a small percentage and while they should continue to check their fish purchases for freshness, there is no cause for alarm in the market,” Luna said in a press statement, adding that mortalities don’t even reach 25 percent of a town’s total production.

Tilapia prices were down at P40 per kilo in the Lipa City public market, however, from a market price of P80 per kilo following reports of the lake’s fishkill.

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) issued warnings on Sunday that the lake’s dissolved oxygen was dangerously low at 2.8 parts per million and advised fish cage owners to move their cages or harvest early. It continued to decline in the following days.

Courtesy of philstar.com


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