Major #Outage On #Plusnet’s #Mobile #Network In Parts Of The #UK

PLusnet down mobile network not working

PLUSNET customers have been hit by a major issue this morning which has left many unable to make or receive calls.

The Plusnet issues that hit customers earlier today have now been resolved with the mobile network now back up and running.

Plusnet users are complaining about a major outage this morning which appears to have hit the firm’s mobile network

Trouble seems to have begun around 11.30am with hundreds of reports across the UK.

Downdector, which uses social mentions to map outages, is showing complaints coming in from areas including Birmingham, London, Glasgow, Ilford, Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Mansfield, and Leeds

Users have also taken to the website’s forum to complain about the problems with one user saying: “What a load of rubbish” and another adding “Phone not able to get connection to make a call since 10.20. #Frustrated”

Along with customers posting on forums, there’s also a barrage of people heading to social media to find out what’s going wrong.

Posting on Twitter, one Plusnet user said: “@plusnethelp how long is Plusnet down for????? Cannot make or receive calls to mobiles. Are you aware of problems???????”

Whilst another added: “@Plusnet Having network problems since morning. Cannot send receive calls. Anyone else having this?”

There’s currently no word on what’s causing the problems or when they will be fixed.

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