2 Tons of #fish dead in lake #Batur in #Kintamani, #Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

The re-occurring sulfur bursts in Lake Batur, Kintamani, have impacted the deaths of thousands of fishes cultivated by farmers in floating nets (KJA). Fish farmers also lose up to tens of millions rupiah.

The most severe areas are affected by sulfur bursts, namely Banjar Seked, Batur Tengah village. The phenomenon of sulfur bursts causes fish to die sporadically. I Ketut Wania, a fish farmer in Banjar Seked, the most enduring loss due to sulfur burst phenomenon. About 2.5 tons more of his fish are ready to harvest, die.

Encountered Monday (15/7), Wania revealed, a burst of sulfur in Lake Batur knew it began to emerge since early Sunday. The sulfur bursts cause many dead fish. A mass fish death in KJA was known Monday morning when checking into the hospitality. “The many dead fish that are ready to harvest ages 7-8 months. From 34 KJA holes, which are ready to harvest there are two holes. Each hole contains 4-5 thousand tails, “he explained.

While the fish that are under the age of 4 months can still survive. According to him, fish whose age is still more strong to endure when the sulfur bursts occur, because it is more often on the surface of the lake.

Due to the sulfur burst phenomenon, he now has to bear losses of up to Rp 70 million. To minimize the death of other fish, he was forced to stop activities in KJA including not feeding the fish during sulfur bursts. “Because when we approach the Keramba, fish will descend to the bottom of the lake, and it causes fish to lack oxygen,” said Wania.

According to him, this burst of sulfur is a natural phenomenon that occurs every year. Two years ago, the sulfur bursts in lake Batur were quite severe, but in Banjar Seked area it is safe from the impacts of sulfur.

Courtesy of bisnisjakarta.co.id


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