3.3 MILLION #pigs killed due to swine fever in 62 provinces in #Vietnam

People are exhausted, leaders are feverish, budget is running out - Photo 1.

Big losses unprecedented, the budget is exhausted

The latest statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development show that, until now, cholera pig in Africa (DTLCP) has been discharged at 5,422 communes, 513 districts of 62 provinces and cities; The total number of infected pigs must be destroyed is 3.3 million. Currently, only the whole province of Ninh Thuan has no DTLCP disease yet.

It is worrisome that 106 communes of 22 provinces and cities have epidemics that have passed over 30 days but then the disease has returned.

Also according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Red River Delta is also heavily damaged by African cholera epidemic, many localities lose up to 30-40% of the total herd, the reserve budget for the epidemic prevention has been exhausted. .

At the meeting of DTLCP, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong admitted that no epidemics have caused great harm, making it difficult to deal with such epidemics. There are also no types of epidemics for production, but the political system must take part, to constantly change the direction, the localities create and adjust themselves to deal with the disease.

Mr. Cuong also said that DTLCP had 160 official days since the first outbreak appeared in Hung Yen. Up to now, the damage has been extremely heavy, greatly affecting people’s livelihood, because the livestock industry in our country is mainly small-scale farmers. That is not to mention the cost of prevention and destruction of sick pigs.

“There are provinces that use the entire reserve budget to support but only meet a small part of the damage caused by this disease.” Mr. Cuong commented, the development has not stopped, must determine living with this disease.

Courtesy of cafef.vn


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