Hundreds of #fish die in #LombardLagoon in #Chicago, #USA

Fish Kill Alert

The hundreds of dead fish removed from a neighborhood pond Wednesday in Lombard were an alarming sight, but Mother Nature likely played a role in their demise.

The fish apparently died as a result of oxygen deprivation related to the scorching heat and shallow depths of the Lombard Lagoon, park district officials say.

A neighbor of the pond at Grace Street and Marcus Drive reported the dying fish shortly about noon Tuesday, interim Parks Superintendent Dean Styburski said. The park district responded with the full weight of his department, assembling 24 employees for the cleanup effort.

By Wednesday afternoon, as air temperatures hovered around 90 degrees, some 400 to 500 carcasses from the so-called “fish kill” had been cleared from the pond, Styburski said.

Aquatic management consultants advised the park district Wednesday that the worst of it is seemingly over, though there still may be additional deaths, Styburski said.

Consultants from Crystal Lake-based Environmental Aquatic Management LLC suspect that warming waters depleted the pond of the oxygen necessary for fish to survive. Which is why Styburski was crossing his fingers for rain and wind to stir up waves and help oxygenate the Lombard Lagoon, a 4.35-acre pond no deeper than 6 feet and fed by stormwater.

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