Massive die off of fish in Fujian, China

Fish Kill Alert

In the past few days, the large yellow croakers in many places in Ningde, Fujian Province have died bizarrely. Many farmers have suffered heavy losses. Videos and pictures have spread throughout the circle of friends of Ningde people! The densely packed large yellow croaker body floats on the sea, and the scene is shocking!

It’s a pity that the fish are dead and the farmers’ hearts are broken!

Organize experts to go to the four coastal counties to understand the situation and do a good job of “white spot disease” prevention work! Strictly prevent sick and dead fish from entering the market!

The pathogen of “white spot disease” is to stimulate the hidden nucleus, which has a fast infection rate and a high mortality rate!

Large yellow croaker, also known as yellow croaker, cucumber fish, and golden dragon, is a favorite seafood of Taizhou people.

Recently, however, Ningde marine aquaculture has entered a period of high incidence of “white spot disease”, and some large-scale yellow croaker farming has caused “white spot disease”, causing different degrees of loss to fishermen!

The pathogen of “white spot disease” is a common parasitic disease, which occurs in spring and autumn. The water temperature is 20 °C to 26 °C, the water flow is not smooth, and the water environment is not good. High, fast infection, high mortality, “white spot disease” is serious, the fish body surface is covered with small white spots, forming a turbid white film, the damage of the fish gill tissue is in a state of stress, so far no specific drugs Take control.

Then the question is coming. What caused the massive death of fish?

The weather is changeable, sultry, heavy rain, resulting in the stimulation of the proliferation of hidden nuclear worms, a large number of cages distributed, resulting in lack of oxygen in the fish, speeding up the death of farmed fish!

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