TENS of TONS of #fish die suddenly in #WestBandungRegency, #Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Tens of tons of fish belonging to farmer Keramba floating NETS (Kja), in the village of Mekarjaya, District Cihampelas, West Bandung Regency (KBB), died. As a result, fish farmers lose hundreds of millions rupiah.

The fish farmers at Saguling Reservoir suspect the death of tens of tons of their fish caused by poisoning derived from the waste flowing in the Citarum River and flowing into Saguling Reservoir, where the KJA belongs to the farmers.

Above, in the area of BBS Batujajar Bridge There is a dredging activity of waste and sedimentation of rivers by heavy. As a result the river water turns black and releases a pungent smell.

One of the KJA fish Farmers, Hermanto (45) said, tens of tons of dead fish the majority is a type of goldfish and tilapia.

Courtesy of bandungkita.id


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