Thousands of dead #fish found in #Surabaya, #Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of fish were found dead at Kali Surabaya. According to research results while water in Kali Surabaya experienced disolved meter oxygen (DO).

The oxygen content in water is not enough, resulting in a lot of dead fish or drunk at the time.

Drunk and dead fish are found in Jalan Mastrip, Surabaya, to Bambe Street, Gresik, Monday-Tuesday (22-23/7).

“After hearing a lot of dead fish, we did the water check. What we see is DO, the decline in oxygen levels, “said the Dirut PDAM Surya Sembada Surabaya, Mujiaman, Tuesday (22/7).

Because in Karang Pilang there are PDAM 1, 2 and 3, it immediately takes the handling by adding air, and using chemicals for precipitation. The treatment has been done since Tuesday morning.

However, until now the condition of the water flowing to the society is fairly safe.

Until now, there is no known cause of DO. Because, deciding that water pollution due to waste, or others, is the authority of the Environment Service (DLH).

But, if many fish die suddenly, there is usually a lack of oxygen due to the many organic elements in the water. “Now, if the water is directly consumed by humans, it will be dangerous,” he said.

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