20,000 #fish found dead in a lake in #Taiwan

Fish Kill Alert

“Central News Agency” reported that the high temperature, the fish in the Shuguang Lake in Jincheng County, Jinmen County, Taiwan can not stand, nearly 20,000 “hot death.” The fish corpse is almost full of lakes, especially in the corners, which is shocking. The stench of the fish corpse also allowed the passing people to quickly pass by.

On the afternoon of the 29th, the Shuguang Lake near Shuguanglou suddenly appeared a large number of dead fish, stinking. Wu Zhiwei, director of the Jinmen County Conservation Engineering, was informed of the event. He analyzed that due to the hot weather and the lack of dissolved oxygen in the water, the fish cluster was violent. Initially estimated that the dead fish is only 20,000 feet up and down, many people have been cleared to clean the lake, and the dead fish that have been salvaged will be sent to the garbage disposal site for burial.

Li Jinchao, a technician at the Fisheries Laboratory near Shuguang Lake, came to the attention. After observation, he said that dead fish include sea bream, squid, mullet, black scorpion and bitterness. He analyzed that the fish population entered the Twilight Lake when the sea water rose and retreated. It may be too hot in recent days. The Shuguang Lake lacks air pumping equipment, the water cannot be exchanged up and down, and the lake is under oxygen, causing the fish to be violent.

Twilight Lake also suffered fish deaths two years ago. Li Jinchao said that if the weather suddenly becomes very hot, this will happen in Taiwan’s rivers and seashores; because the aquaculture equipment has air-entraining equipment, the water flow is continuously exchanged, and it will not cause hypoxia. This is only the case in natural waters.

The Jinmen County Environmental Protection Bureau staff also attended the sampling and testing of water quality. The result was a water temperature of 35.5 degrees Celsius and a pH of 9.5. The initial judgment may be that the water temperature is too high and the fish died.

Cao Jiahong, director of the Golden Gate weather station, said that from 23 to 29, the high temperature in Kinmen is between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius. Although the temperature is not the highest, the air is obviously clean and the amount of cloud is small. Spicy, I feel the weather is hot.

Courtesy of chinanews.com


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