Hundreds of baby #turtles found dead on a beach in #QuintanaRoo, #Mexico

Social network users denounced the mass death of turtle pups in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, Quintana Roo because they could not reach the sea after hatching and leaving their nests, due to the large accumulation of sargassum There are on the beaches.

Through Facebook, a mother identified as Viviana García published photographs showing dozens of new-born turtles already dead, trapped in mountains of seaweed present in the “Protected Natural Area.”

Apparently these are Golfina turtles, in danger of extinction according to Official Mexican Standard 059, which could no longer complete their life cycle.

The subject of sargassum affects us all! But it affects these little turtles more, it is difficult for them to reach adulthood with their predators, and now it is harder for them to reach the sea when they are trapped in mountains of sargassum! this happens in the entire sian kaan reserve are kilometers where there are many nests (sic), ”said Viviana García.

The massive birth of turtles in the region will occur from the first fortnight of August and throughout the month of September and October, so it is necessary that the three government orders and groups of volunteers address the serious problem of sargassum.

Tulúm, the municipality where the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is located, is seriously affected by the massive sargassum recharge, according to the Sargasso Monitoring Network in Cancun.

Seaweed mountains also cause severe damage to mangroves, which are the breeding grounds of most commercially important species such as shrimp, which spend their first months of life feeding and protecting themselves from their predators.

The accumulation of sargassum alters the pH of the water and ends with oxygen, which puts all marine life and mangrove at risk, which is the natural hurricane barrier and carbon dioxide reservoir.

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