All London Royal Parks to close as Storm Ciara sees ‘danger to life’ warning issued by Met Office #MajorStorm #Ciara #SevereWarning #MetOffice #London #UK

Severe Weather Alert

London’s major parks will close this weekend as Storm Ciara hits the capital.

Some of the cities most famous parks including Hyde Park, Richmond Park Kensington Gardens and Green Park will be closed on Sunday (February 9).

Storm Ciara is expected to batter the capital over the weekend.

The Met Office have issued a yellow weather warning for “very strong winds” across the whole of London for the entirety of Sunday.

Residents are being warned that injuries and danger to life from flying debris is possible.

Royal Parks, who run eight parks across London, explained the reason in a statement.

It said: “Due to current weather warnings we have decided to close all eight Royal Parks on Sunday February 9 as a precautionary measure.

“In liaison with our tree experts and Health and Safety team we have made this decision to ensure the safety of all park users including vehicle users and cyclists.

“The Royal Parks are home to over 170,000 trees spread across 5,000 acres, with a significant population of ancient and veteran trees that are vulnerable to high winds.”

All eight Royal Parks, Bushy Park, The Green Park, Greenwich Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, The Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, Richmond Park and St James’s Park, will be closed.

Victoria Tower Gardens and Brompton Cemetery will also be closed.

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