Coronavirus: Elderly Chinese tourist dies from infection in France, health minister confirms and virus could spread across France #nCoV2019 #COVID19 #coronavirus #wuhan #china #ChineseTourist #emergency #quarantine #BichatClaudeBernardHospital #Paris #France

Coronavirus Alert

An elderly Chinese man has died from coronavirus, the first fatality from the infection in Europe.

The 80-year-old tourist died from a lung infection at Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital in northern Paris.

French Health Minister Agnes Buzyn confirmed the death – which marks Europe’s first coronavirus fatality.

The man, who was from the Chinese province of Hubei, had been receiving treatment in the French hospital since 25 January.

He had been kept in isolation while receiving treatment, but his condition is said to have deteriorated rapidly.

He had arrived in France on 16 January.

His case is one of 11 French cases of COVID-19, which is the medical name for the acute respiratory disease caused by the virus.

Five of those cases are British nationals who caught the virus from “superspreader” Steve Walsh after coming into contact with him in the French Alps during a skiing holiday.

His daughter was also treated for coronavirus in the same hospital, but has now recovered according to authorities.

Ms Buzyn warned: “Our health system must be prepared to face a possible virus spreading across the country.”

She says she will be meeting with medical authorities on Tuesday to discuss the issue.

This is the fourth death to be reported outside mainland China. The virus has so far spread to more than two dozen countries.

The World Health Organisation has now sent a team of 24 health experts to China to investigate how the virus is spreading and its severity.

Courtesy of Sky News

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