Coronavirus Canary Wharf: Man collapses coughing in shopping centre as people ‘run away’ #COVID19 #coronavirus #uk #wuhan #china #CanaryWharf #London #emergency #epidemic #quarantine

Coronavirus Alert

Footage shows a man coughing before collapsing in Canary Wharf prompting fears of the deadly coronavirus. The video, obtained by the Daily Star, shows a man on his hands and knees coughing, with workers crowding around him. The man appears to have taken off his jacket, as he covers his mouth during the incident.

Footage also shows the man later laying on the floor inside the busy shopping mall.

A security guard also appears to walk near the man while he coughs – as some onlookers quickly speed past him.

The incident is thought to have happened at around 6:20pm on Monday.

A source told Daily Star: “I was sitting at Caffe Nero and all of a sudden a man started coughing really loud.

“He sounded really sick and you can hear from all those chesty coughs, people walking past him literally ran away.”

A statement from Canary Wharf Group read: “We do not have any evidence to suggest this is related to coronavirus.

“There has not yet been any confirmed coronavirus case on the Canary Wharf estate.

“Nonetheless we are carefully monitoring the situation and taking precautionary steps where possible, for example, we have positioned additional hand sanitisers across our public spaces and retail malls.”

The footage will heighten fears in the capital, with some offices in London’s Canary Wharf closing on Wednesday as an employee awaits test results for the virus.

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