Pupils and teachers at Harrow school, London sent home after showing coronavirus symptoms #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #PinnerHighSchool #Harrow #London #Italy #emergency #epidemic #quarantine

Coronavirus Alert

Pupils and staff at a Harrow school have been sent home after showing coronavirus-like symptoms following a ski trip to northern Italy.

A total of 10 students and four members of staff at Pinner High School reported feeling unwell with the pupils being isolated at the school before being sent home.

Some of them have since been tested for the virus.

The ski trip was not to the part of Italy where whole towns are quarantined, with nobody being allowed in or out.

Italy has become Europe’s epicentre of the virus with 300 cases and 11 deaths so far.

The northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto have been worst affected.

The Government advises anyone who has travelled to northern Italy and is showing symptoms to self-isolate and call NHS111.

Chris Woolf, the head of Pinner High School, said: “We shared advice with all students on the ski trip yesterday morning, and 10 students and four staff let us know they felt they had some symptoms.

“Staff went home and sought advice and students were isolated and swiftly collected by their families. We are tracking the advice they are given, and some have been tested for the virus according to individual medical advice.

“They remain in isolation until they are advised to return or results come through, which usually takes 48 hours. I am in close contact with all staff involved.”

At this moment in time the school remains open.

The director of Public Health Harrow praised the steps the school has taken and its management of the situation, describing it as “exemplary”.

Courtesy of mylondon.news


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