Hundreds of dead fish, ‘a mystery’ in North Maluku, Indonesia #Fish #Maluku #Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

A number of North Maluku coastal waters were filled with hundreds of fish carcasses, Wednesday (26/2). Not just a mysterious dead fish, the color of sea water on the edge also becomes brownish.

The phenomenon of changes in the color of sea water and hundreds of mysterious dead fish first appeared in the waters of Makian Island, South Halmahera, North Maluku. Hundreds of dead fish float on the coast.

Soon, a similar phenomenon emerged in the waters of Ternate City, precisely in the Falajawa beach area. A number of divers also found various types of dead sea animals to a depth of 12 meters below sea level.

Dead sea species are known to start from damselfish, trumpetfish, goatfish, scorpion fish , octopus and Pontoh’s pygmy seahorse.

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