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Three Dead In #France As #StormMiguel Hits Parts Of #Europe

Storm Alert

Severe gales of up to 91 mph hit Northern Spain, swirled around the Bay of Biscay and moved onto France where two boats capsized – one being a rescue boat who had gone to the aid of the other distressed boat.

In the Northern part of Spain, many homes were damaged, trees uprooted, coastal towns deserted and transport disrupted coupled with flooding.

Trees also uprooted in parts of the Netherlands.

Parts of S/SW of the UK has been hit with flooding.


Subject to change

Depth: 91 km

Distances:128 km SE of Davao, Philippines / pop: 1,213,000 / local time: 18:12:31.9 2019-05-31

78 km S of Mati, Philippines / pop: 106,000 / local time: 18:12:31.9 2019-05-31
34 km E of Pondaguitan, Philippines / pop: 2,200 / local time: 18:12:31.9 2019-05-31

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