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Huge #fire erupts near #PowerPlant in #Moscow region: 1 dead, 13 injured


#Explosion in #French city of #Lyon, at least 8 injured

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At least eight people were injured in an explosion in Lyon, France. According to preliminary reports, a parcel bomb went off at a local bakery store.

The street, where the explosive device went off, has been cordoned off by law enforcement. Footage from the scene shows a heavy police presence, including a bomb disposal unit.

At least eight people have been lightly injured in the blast, the local prefecture confirmed.

The explosion damaged a local bakery shop, that apparently received a parcel bomb, according to preliminary reports.

So far, however, there has been no official word on the exact type of the explosive. Other reports indicated that the device, packed with various shrapnel, has been place right in the street.

While the exact cause and the motives behind the incident are still unclear, France’s President Emmanuel Macron has already weighed in on it, describing the blast as an “attack” with no fatalities.

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