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#Floods ravage western #Greece after deadly #storm in north kills 7

Floods ravage western Greece after deadly storm in north kills 7

Aftermath of heavy storms in Greece. © Reuters / Alkis Konstantinidis

Floods have forced residents in western Greece to flee their homes, just days after seven people were killed in a separate storm that hit the northern part of the country.

Usually hot and dry during the summer, the bizarre weather has damaged roads near the cities of Nafpaktos and Patra, although no injuries or casualties have been reported.

However, many homes and shops in Nafpaktos have suffered from flooding, a fire service official told Reuters.

The floods come just days after seven people, including six tourists, were killed on Thursday when a violent storm struck northern Greece.

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Severe Flooding Has Caused Havoc In #GuilinCity, #China

Southern China Floods 14.07.2019

In southern China, hundreds of people have been rescued after torrential rains caused flooding.

Armed police using assault boats took 300 people trapped in the southern city of Guilin to safety by 5pm on Saturday after heavy rainfall left urban areas severely waterlogged.

In Xingping Town in Yangshuo County, rescuers went door-to-door to search for stranded residents, eventually taking 42 locals and 65 tourists to safety.

A man is rescued in China
A man is rescued in Guilin City

After learning there was a patient suffering from a heart attack in the town hospital, rescuers managed to retrieve him and send him to the county hospital.

A joint operation by emergency and security services, firefighters and water officials using assault and rubber boats saw 25 people rescued and more than 350 helped to leave Daxu Town in Lingchuan County.

Shops and houses were flooded to the first floor as rains wreaked havoc on major roads.

Rescuers transfer a patient in China
Rescuers transfer a patient in China

One local man, Qin, said: “I came to Daxu at 6.30am. The flood was as deep as 30cm and we could not pass. We waited for a long time and now the flood is more than a metre deep.”

More residents were left stranded as floodwaters reached 2.5 metres in Qixing District.

Landslides closed roads in Yongfu County before workers cleared the debris.

Liao Yongjun, director of the Bureau of Transportation of the county, said: “We have been clearing up this section of the landslide since 6am. Once the rain stops, we will immediately start working to ensure people’s production and living conditions.”

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At least 47 people die in #landslides and #flooding after #monsoon #rains in #Nepal

Flood waters flowing through a residential area of Kathmandu

Floodwaters flowing through a residential area of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu

At least 47 people have been killed by flash floods and landslides caused by monsoon rains in Nepal, the country’s home ministry has said.

Another 29 are missing after being either swept away by swollen rivers or buried by mudslides since the delayed annual downpours began hitting the region on Friday, the national emergency operation centre said.

Twenty-eight people have been treated for injuries and more than 1,100 others rescued from flooded areas while more than 10,000 people are believed to have been displaced.

Twenty-eight people have been treated for injuries and more than 1,100 others rescued
Twenty-eight people have been treated for injuries and more than 1,100 rescued in Nepal

Continuing bad weather has grounded helicopter rescue flights.

Thousands of police and soldiers have been clearing roads and other workers repairing power and phone lines.

On Saturday, officials in India reported at least a dozen people had been killed and more than a million affected across the Himalayan border.

Men carry a fridge away from rising flood waters
Men carry a fridge away from rising floodwaters

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