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Thousands Evacuate After Second Wave of #Floods in #Johor, #Malaysia


A second wave of floods has hit parts of Johor State in Malaysia. Disaster authorities said on 15 December, 2019 that 3,835 residents had been evacuated.

Over 50 shelters have been set up to house those displaced. The worst affected district was Mersing with 1,262 evacuees, followed by Kota Tinggi with 1,071 and Kluang with 1,053 people displaced.

The districts of Segamat (342 displaced), Kulai (80), Muar (21), and Batu Pahat (s(6) have also been affected.

Endau in Mersing District recorded 396mm of rain in 24 hours to 14 December. Simpang Renggam in Kluang District recorded 127mm of rain in the same period. Levels of the Benut river in the district have exceeded the danger mark (17.4 metres), standing at 17.43 metres as of 15 December.

Areas of the state, in particular Kota Tinggi, were affected by flooding just a week ago when around 700 people were evacuated.

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More #Floods After #Storm Hits South and West, #France

France Floods 15.12.2019

A powerful storm hit parts of southern and western France late on 12 December. Winds of up to 174 km/h caused major damages. Heavy rain and flooding was reported in some areas. At least 2 people have died and thousands left without power.

One person was swept away by flood waters in Espeins in the Lot-et-Garonne Department. The department was placed under red alert for floods after the Garonne river rose rapidly. Government of the department said that as of 15 December, at least 35 people have been evacuated, 17 rescued and dozens of roads closed.

Heavy rain triggered flash floods and landslides that cut road access to Gourette and Artouste in the Pyrénées mountains.

Pre-emptive evacuations were carried out in Landes on 13 December after the Gaves de Pau and Oloron rivers threatened to overflow.

One other person died and 5 others were injured as a result of wind damage.

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Deadly #Floods in Central #Sulawesi, #Indonesia

BNPB officials visited flood-hit areas of Solok, where 50 homes were damaged and 2 people died. Photo: BNPB

Disaster authorities in Indonesia report that flooding has affected parts of West Sumatra and Central Sulawesi provinces over the last few days.

In West Sumatra, flash floods hit South Solok Regency on 12 December, 2019, inundating around 1,000 homes. At least 5,000 people have been displaced. Some areas were reportedly under 1.2 metres of flood water.

Meanwhile in Central Sulawesi, at least 2 people died and 50 houses were severely damaged after flash floods hit several villages in Kulawi sub-district in Sigi regency late on 12 December, 2019.

Indonesia’s disaster agency BNPB said that 60 families have been displaced and over 700 people affected. Residents have suffered material losses. Seven houses were severely damaged and 1 church was flooded.

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#UK #Snow: Weather warnings as #snow hits parts of the #UK


A layer of snow covers the mountains near Rhigos

Snow has fallen in some parts of the UK, causing trouble on the roads.

Areas like Gloucestershire, parts of Wiltshire, Bath and South Wales have seen a few centimetres of snow fall.

A yellow weather warning has been in place in some areas, with local services asking people to take care when travelling.

Some trains, cars and planes have been delayed by snow too.

There have been no reports of schools closing because of the snow.

Weather experts have said there may be more snow in areas where the ground is higher, like the Peak District and Brecon Beacons.

However, the snow might soon turn to rain in places like Nottingham, Sheffield and Doncaster as a yellow weather warning for rain is in place.

These are areas which have already been affected by heavy flooding.

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Heavy #Rain and #Floods in #Huánuco and #SanMartin Regions, #Peru

Severe Flood Warning

National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) in Peru reports that heavy rain and floods since 06 December have affected parts of Huánuco and San Martin Regions. Homes, schools, roads and bridges have been damaged or destroyed.

On 06 December, floods struck in the district of Yuyapichis, Puerto Inca Province, after the Pachitea River broke its banks, damaging around 50 homes

Flooding was also reported in the district and province of Huacaybamba after heavy rainfall on 10 December. Homes, a health centre and schools were flooded, with around 100 people affected.

Further heavy rainfall caused flooding in several parts of Marañón Province from 12 December. Around 50 homes were flooded in the district of San Buenaventura. In Cholón district, the Camote River broke its banks, damaging around 50 homes and destroying a bridge. Homes, schools and public buildings were also damaged in the district of Santa Rosa de Alto Yanajanca after the Sallasta River overflowed.

Heavy rainfall in the early hours of 12 December caused the Chontayacu river to overflow in the district of Uchiza, province of Tocache, damaging homes, roads and a bridge.

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#Evacuations After Severe #Floods in South #Trinidad and #Tobago

Floods in Penal, South Trinidad, December 2019. Photo: PDRC

Days of heavy rain has caused flooding in parts of Trinidad.

Flooding was reported in Pernal, Debe, Barrackpore, Siparia an Princes Town. Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government said that communities in the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation (PDRC) had been worst affected. Schools have been closed in affected areas.

“At this time, 15 families have been evacuated. Shelters are open, however some roads remain impassable to low vehicles. Disaster Management officials are on the ground and continue to partner with the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force to assist residents who are stranded. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers, trained by the Ministry in emergency response, have also participated in relief efforts,” the Ministry added.

Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service said that Penal recorded 127.2mm of rain in 2 days.

The service issued several Yellow level flood warnings. However, warning have since been upgraded to the higher Orange level as flood waters are still rising in some areas.

Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service said that the Caroni River was at maximum capacity and had overflowed onto its banks and some low lying surrounding areas. Local media said flooding in Siparia was caused by the overflowing Tunaco River. The flood situation has been compounded by the occurrence of spring tides.

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Flash #Floods After #Storm Dumps 120mm of #Rain in 1 Hour in #Queensland, #Australia


Severe weather impacted parts of south-east Queensland, Australia, from 12 to 13 December, 2019.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology reported rainfall rates of 120mm per hour in Southport, Queensland.

Cars were left submerged after streets flooded. Queensland Fire and Emergency responded to dozens of requests for assistance. Urban flooding was reported in Southport, along with Labrador, Biggera Waters and parts of northern Brisbane.

Thousands of homes in the Gold Coast were left without power during the storm.

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Deadly #Floods and #Landslides in #Morona #Santiago Province, #Ecuador

Aftermath of a landslide in Limon Indanza Canton, Morona Santiago Province, Ecuador, November 2018. Photo: Risk Management Secretariat

Heavy rainfall in south east Ecuador has caused flooding and landslides in Morona-Santiago Province.

According to Ecuador’s National Risk and Emergency Management Service (SNGRE), the worst affected area is the canton of Limón Indanza Canton after heavy rain from 08 December, 2019.

Houses were destroyed by landslides or swept away by flash flooding, according to local media reports . At least one person died when a landslide buried a home. More are feared missing and search operations are ongoing, according to SNGRE. Drinking water supply was interrupted for several days.

At least 9 people died in landslides in Limón Indanza Canton, Morona-Santiago Province in November last year .

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At Least 16 Killed in #Floods and #Landslides in Western Region, #Uganda

Landslides and floods in Bundibugyo District, Western Uganda, December 2019. Photo: Uganda Red Cross

At least 16 people have died and others are missing after flash flooding and landslides in mountainous areas of Bundibugyo district, Western Uganda on 07 December.

At least 16 people have died and others are missing after flash flooding and landslides in mountainous areas of Bundibugyo district, Western Uganda on 07 December.

Government officials said 12 bodies have been recovered, but many more are feared missing. Red Cross later reported 16 bodies had been recovered.

Uganda Red Cross said: “Our team continues to recover more bodies including some that are trapped by cocoa trees in Bundibugyo hills. It is a very devastating moment. We have deployed a Psycho Social Support team to offer emotional support to those affected.”

Local media report that around 30 homes have been destroyed.

Images shared on Social Media showed houses destroyed or damaged in the town of Kirindi in Busaru Sub County, Bundibugyo District. Affected areas were covered in rocks, mud and flood debris. Uganda Red Cross said Kirinid is among the worst hit areas.

Landslides and floods in Bundibugyo district during November affected around 4,000 people and destroyed almost 350 homes.

The flooding in Western Region follows similar devastating floods and landslides in Bududa and Sironko Districts in Eastern Region on 03 December, 2019.

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#Flooding Prompts State of Emergency in #Canterbury Region, #NewZealand

State Of Emergency

A local state of emergency has been declared in the Timaru District in Canterbury Region, New Zealand, due to the flooding in the Rangitata area. Timaru Distrct Council warned that the Rangitata River could its highest levels in 20 years.

Around 300mm of rain fell in the upper catchment of the Rangitata River from 05 to early 06 December. As of the afternoon of 07 December, the Rangitata River was flowing at around 2265 cubic metres a second (cumecs) and was rising rapidly. Timaru Distrct Council said that extreme flows of 3000 cumecs or more are anticipated on 07 December, the highest in 20 years. This extended period of very high flows increases significantly the risk of further bank erosion and breakout flows.

Campers along the river have been told to evacuate and authorities warned people in Rangitata Township to be ready to evacuate at short notice. At least 7 roads in the area have been closed in affected areas.

The Council said that “some floodwater is currently flowing down the South Branch, and there are several other vulnerable areas along the river that are at risk of river breakouts. The extreme flows expected today will increase outflows into those areas already flooding as well as increase the chance of issues developing on other parts of the river.”

Meanwhile, heavy rain has caused problems in Otago Region where water levels of lakes in Queenstown-Lakes District are rising fast, threatening to flood lakeshore areas of Wānaka, Queenstown and Glenorchy.

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