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Australia Snow April 2020 #snow #australia

April brings snow to Metro Vancouver, Canada #snow #Vancouver #Canada

Snow Alert

No, you haven’t been seeing things: snow really did fall in parts of Metro Vancouver on Thursday.

A few flakes fell early in the morning, in stark contrast to the usual spring weather. Generally, come April, the region’s streets are shaded by arches of blooming cherry blossom trees rather than a flurry of thick snowflakes.

Forecasters said a mix of cold weather and arctic air was to blame, even if it seemed like Mother Nature was just pulling a belated April Fools’ joke.

“With temperatures at the freezing mark, or just slightly above, isolated pockets of precipitation are falling as snow,” said CBC Vancouver meteorologist Brett Soderholm.

“Temperatures across the province are well below seasonal for this time of year … These chilly conditions are expected to last through Saturday.”

Soderholm said any lingering snowfall will likely turn to showers as the day warms — a much more expected sight for early April.

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Snow in Portugal leads to yellow alert #snow #YellowAlert #Portugal

Snow Alert

When entering in April, a part of Portugal woke up this Tuesday with snow. The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) had already placed two districts – Guarda and Castelo Branco – under yellow warning due to the probable snowfall but this morning more districts woke up with the falling snow, cases of Viseu, Vila Real and Bragança. Pictures and videos of snow falling in many locations across the country are being posted on social media.

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