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Golf-ball sized hail hits Tulsa, Oklahoma City and surrounding areas #hailstorm #Tulsa #Oklahoma #USA

#Indian govt issues ‘RED WARNING’ for #Delhi as capital & adjacent states shiver in ‘extreme #cold’

Red Alert Issued

The government’s meteorological office issued the highest-level warning for the capital as Indians continue to struggle through what has been described as the second coldest December in a century.

The recent “red warning” by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) came as temperatures in Delhi plummeted to 2.8 Celsius (37.04 Fahrenheit) and is likely to drop further. ‘Red’ usually means “extreme weather conditions,”according to the agency.

It warned that “severe cold wave conditions,” dense fog, and hailstorms may hit the capital, but also the states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, and Rajasthan during the last days of 2019.

To make matters worse, the air quality in Delhi was also described as “severe.” Officials predict that low temperatures coupled with high humidity, as well as a lack of surface winds, have led to an accumulation of pollutants.

Worsening weather has caused massive delays for several trains bound for Delhi and flights at the capital’s international airport. Bus lines have also experienced disruptions and traffic jams.

People across India have gathered around bonfires near streets and other public places. To cope with the emergency, local authorities have also made sure that shelters and firewood are provided to the population.

Local media also reports that at least 28 people may have died due to the cold in Uttar Pradesh, which is experiencing the coldest days of December this weekend.

The severe cold wave will last at least two more days, but the weather may improve a little around New Year’s, meteorologists say.

“We are expecting a marginal rise in temperature on December 31 and January 1, and rains from December 31 night, which is likely to relieve severe cold day conditions,” Kuldeep Shrivastava, the head of the Regional Weather Forecasting Centre in Delhi, was quoted by local media as saying.

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Freak #HailStorm hits #Exeter forcing Chiefs players to leave pitch, #UK

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A freak hailstorm has hit Exeter – despite some parts remaining sunny.

The bizarre phenomenon happened at around 2.30pm and saw hail so thick it reduced visibility.

It was so bad it even forced the Exeter Chiefs vs Sale Sharks rugby match at Sandy Park to be temporarily postponed.

A spectator at the game described it as “deafeningly loud” and “pretty intense”.

They said: “It was very heavy, tough to see other side of the ground. The noise was deafening as it hit the roof of the grandstand. It came out of nowhere.

“It started as a rain shower and with in 2-3 minutes it was very heavy hail.

“Even for Sandy Park, where conditions are very changeable, it was pretty intense.”

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